Friday, 21 January 2011



The 'Stone of Secret Lands', holding a mystical energy that has many secrets to show and tell its keeper.

Stitchite is made for the Third Eye, this stone will allow ones dreams of secret lands and hidden worlds to be brought into reach.

A stone to show that what is often said as mythical and only seen in fairytales, can actually be awoken in oneself and explored, a new venture.

Stitchite helps one to see past that of physical reality, to gain knowledge from such secret lands bringing a new light on life itself.

This can be a bit of a dreamy stone as it takes one into those fairytale dreams, so it is wise to ground oneself on coming back into the physical.

Stitchite will increase the Third Eye vision to allow its keeper to have doorways to spiritual teachings that are not completely of this physical existence, more from that of Angelic beings and Masters.

A very good stone for spiritual teachers, especially those who create writings and arts from spirit to allow the student to learn and have a vision of whats available to themselves on learning to open up the Third Eye.

Stitchite is a good stone for those who follow the Pagan way, those who are close to the way of nature spirits.

A mesmerizing stone that although can be used with any being, it may be wise for those who are new in learning spiritually, to clearly have an understanding of how to ground themselves - knowing how to keep the feet on the ground.